Bran Fenner, Consultant

Bran Fenner

Bran Fenner has worked in the non-profit field as an organizer, political educator, trainer, and organizational development consultant for almost 15 years in New York City and nationally. A former co-founder and then co-director at FIERCE, Bran worked with young people to develop campaigns and directly organize on issues including but not limited to housing inequalities, loss of public space, gentrification, and violence. As a former fellow of the Open Society Institute, Bran developed The Education for Liberation Project as a way to sustainably train and retain active community members. Much of Bran’s perspective on organizing and effective leadership has also been shaped by his international travel as a U.S. representative to multiple youth and world festivals.

As a consultant Bran continues to support budding and established groups and organizations that are working to develop, reshape, or better adhere to their missions and values. He continues to support members of the community in dealing with intimate partner violence and community based violence. Bran has a piece featured in The Revolution Starts at Home: Confronting Intimate Violence Within Activist Communities and also appears in Dreams Deferred: The Sakia Gunn Film Project.

Currently, Bran is a Hospice Nurse who started his second career in the Emergency Room. He works with LGBTQ community members and organizations to support them in navigating the healthcare system particularly during crisis or at the end of life.

At Vision Change Win Bran works with clients on a variety of issues including:

• Nonprofit management (including supervision, leadership and board development)
• Addressing and developing anti-violence protocols and policies
• Trans inclusion policies
• Leadership and program development
• Coalition development and management
• Addressing issues of diversity and inclusion

He is also available for public speaking engagements and workshop or meeting facilitation on racial justice, TransJustice, intimate partner violence, and LGBTQ health related issues.